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Master coach, LifeArtist, speaker, and author, Carmell Clark has worked with thousands of women over the past 20 years - influencing personal and professional transformation and behavioral change. She mentors women as thought leaders, global change agents, influencers and entrepreneurs. Want to move forward quickly in your vision? Carmell has the uncanny ability to bring you to a clarity on the deepest level of your being. We call it Genius Expressed.

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Carmell is a skilled storyteller, international speaker, world traveler, and leadership mentor. Her passion is for the study and raising of consciousness, for critical inquiry and conflict resolution, and working with the paradox of power and control in human behavior.

Serial Entrepreneur

Carmell had previously left the corporate world in the 90s. Acquiring an interdisciplinary background in Philosophy and Social Theory, she sold her 20-year wellness center to launch her current company in 2012 as the vehicle to move her work internationally and create Location Independence. She now lives in and travels to different countries for part of each year.

More than a LifeArtist™!

An oils artist as well, Carmell works with palette knives and large canvases, having held her first exhibition in 2014 with great success. She is on the Executive Advising Committee for the Women’s International Economic Forum in Delhi and is a presenter each year, a member of e-Women Network, and Chairperson of Global Influence for the All Ladies League. Carmell serves on the board of Art in Common, a 501c3 connecting disadvantaged groups and existing communities through art and relationships.

Carmell Clark - Her Story: "Full Circle - Knowing What I Know"

One of the spontaneous comments I hear from people all the time is that I ‘know.’

When I look back, it’s unavoidable to see that something in me just knew---even when I was lost, directionless, heartbroken, headstrong, and egotistic. That ineffable sense of clarity and understanding, of being grounded--my deep soul purpose mixed with the strength and truth of who I am.  

I call it consciousness.  

As one of my clients said to me when I asked her on our first session why she chose me, “Because you just know. And I want that.” The dots connect.  How, where, why or what exactly?  That’s how you tell your story.  I’ve intentionally chosen these excerpts of my story to shine light on the dots in my life connecting.  Something in us knows.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

~ T. S. Eliot

Her Story


2016: LifeArtist Global™ is born “Your Genius Expressed, Creating Global Impact”


2015-2016: Bali and a new kind of Location Independence

2015: India. Writers’ Retreat. NYT Bestselling Author-book coach. My 1st International Women’s Retreat. Oprah Winfrey…


2012: Sell my 20-year business. Move to a new city. Start a new company.

I knew I had to go. I didn’t have anything to “go to” yet. My head said I was stupid. My gut and my soul were already dragging me out of the last of the life I’d lived for 20 years. When something in you knows, but your life hasn’t..Read more

2012: That Time I Jumped off the Edge without a Plan. Which time? Right.

It was more than two years since my 20-year relationship had ended, yet even as I tried to move forward in my life, I couldn’t let go. And to make it worse, I had no spark of motivation and no vision of a future for myself. It wasn’t depression, it..Read more


2009: The end of my 20 year marriage

Though much of this part of my journey is in my book, Life Is Not One Thing, and I will let the story be told there, I will say this: Living through my greatest fear and grief is the most hard-won gift of freedom I have ever received Resilience is..Read more


2005: February. Facing the shame and returning to the scene of my greatest failure: Going back to university at 35 years old


2004 New Years Eve: Naked with my Beloved Excuse

Called out at 3:30 am in my kitchen by a beautiful Scandinavian badass who interrupted all of my excuses as to why I couldn’t go after the dreams I secretly held–telling me she didn’t effing care. “Decide what you’re going to do.  And DO it.”  She cut me off with..Read more


2001: Why I Killed my new thriving Coaching practice in its 2nd Year

Before coaching became a thing, I started my coaching practice in 2000. It took off and in one year I had created a strong following. This career was so in line with my heart and soul, finally. I loved what I did and adored my clients. It was sometime in..Read more


1999: My Brave New World at 30

I half-woke on a November morning in 1999.  The utterly clear thought went through my body, “I’M NOT HAPPY.”  I knew instantly that it was true on the deepest level of my being.  I immediately responded, “Why?”  The answer came just as quick, just as clear, “I CAN NEVER BE..Read more

1999: Fae. When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

She found me as I was guest teaching a business class at a local college.  A master yoga instructor, healer, trauma touch therapist, renowned artist and art therapy practitioner, she pursued my coming to see her for a session for nine months before I finally did. I’ve come to realize..Read more


1997: Being “downsized” corrected the course of my life

I’d moved from project management into team management in the software company I’d been at for 7 years. I was “on the career path” and proud of the recognition I’d received. Seven months later my position was inexplicably downsized. My boss sat in my office.  “You can take voluntary layoff..Read more


1993: Starting my first business–a wellness center–at 24-years old, while still in the corporate world


1990: Deciding in a single week to leave home, and WA state – never coming back


1989: Crash & burn at 20-years old

It was on New Years of 1989 that I unknowningly met the woman I would spend the next twenty years of my life married to.  It developed in the most unfathomable way. Depression had taken hold before my third year of college. One day, I lied to my boss just..Read more


1987: The writing was already on the wall…

At 18-years old, my best friend’s mother, an educator and humanitarian, unexpectedly pulled me aside to thank me.  “For what?” I asked.  She recounted my calling her son/my friend out on his lack of understanding the double standard women face. And of his responsibility to stand alongside women for change..Read more


1974 – 5-years-old, “I’m walking to my first day of kindergarten all by myself…”

It was that summer of 1974 before I began kindergarten. Mark, who was a year ahead of and had taught me to swing on the hand-me-down swingset in the backyard, was my important escort for Orientation Day. The intent was to ”try out” this drastic 5-year-old life change with a..Read more

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