Inner Freedom

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There’s a place in life where we know the time for joy has come. We feel it. It whispers from our heart through the daily routine and calls for… something.
Something new.

Are you ready?...


A fundamentally life-altering miracle happens when we pick up and travel halfway around the world, intending to turn an entire chapter of our lives. This choice—this act alone—sets the deeper change in us into motion. We will not return to the person we were—our lives are about to change.


Come wake to the sound of birds singing in the early morning light amidst rice paddies, rivers, and flowers. The lush gardens and the pools call you to leave your dreams and come down–Come and immerse yourself to greet the day fresh. As the lovely coolness of the water envelopes you, let the soul of Bali move into you.

Bali is water: sungai, hujan, lautan—rivers, rain, ocean.
And water brings transformation.


Can you see yourself with us already?…

Of course you can.


I will whisk you past the Bali-brand tourism into the cool green peace and deep spiritual life that is truly Bali. Your first evening we will welcome you to Indonesia with the special Fire Circle to cleanse you from your old thinking and emotions, to wipe the slate clean for our week together.

As you hold the fire for each other,

you form a bond


an agreement to share this crucial turning point no matter what comes up. To be here, show up for yourself and for each other. As the purifying water rains down and you circle the fire, you invite the blessing of Bali and you invite the change waiting inside you now.

The Balinese way is to make offering to the God every day. The little woven bamboo leaf baskets filled with flowers, leaves, rice, a sweet treat… and incense.

The offering they make is Joy.

Gratitude. Peaceful devotion.


As you walk back through the gardens, you thoughtfully gather one flower after another of different varieties and colors, along with leaves to create your morning offering. At your door, you arrange each selected item along with rice and incense on the small woven banana leaf basket before stepping into the garden where you greet the sun with your heart, laying your Santun, your offering, on the earth with a smile.


But, why now?…

My first adventure came unexpectedly. Having gone through a terrible loss in 2009, I was circling the same little existence over days, months, years. I couldn’t go back. And for the first time in my life, I had absolutely no idea where to go next. Nothing moved me. My life was utterly stuck.

How quickly everything can change.

One January morning in the mirror, my voice inside said clearly, “Carmell, when the opportunity presents, you have to be ready to jump.” I looked squarely into my eyes  completely trusting, and said, “Ok.” By the end of that day, I had rented out my house for a year, had 2.5 months to clean out 20 years of life, and had NO plan or even a clue of what to do next. On May 5th, in a series of inexplicable events, I found myself at 42-years old on a plane, alone for the first time in 20 years, headed to Paris with only a backpack, no French, knowing no one, and having an AirB&B for the first 2 days.

I had leapt. And I had no plan.

What has ensued in my life since that day, is nothing short of miraculous. I discovered how travel forces you to let go of what you thought you knew.  About yourself. About others. About life. And about what is possible. Long-distance travel breaks wide open all those new thoughts inside, just waiting to burst out— It’s impossible to create something you’ve not yet conceived.  As I’ve told you, I couldn’t discover what was next until I leapt far into the unknown.

I’ve built these retreats to be a launching point for you and other women who are at that moment…

Ready to leap. Unable to stay where you are.

The future unknown. And utterly open to trusting the universe and the desires inside your heart— Nothing held back.

It’s terrifying, transforming, and exciting beyond what you’ve ever yet known. Can you feel it? Does it make you squirm inside? Edgy?

Good. It should… You’ve grasped that we’re not talking about a vacation retreat. When I leave, I know I will not return.  The person I was will have given way to the person I am becoming.  And that is what my retreats are for you.

I want to immerse you quickly and deeply into the ancient spirituality and earth balance that is the heart of Bali.  And emerge the deeper listening, more trusting, fierce, passionate and fearless woman you are.

I want you to stretch yourself beyond your normal thinking. . .

beyond what’s comfortable. . . beyond the life you have now.



“Hati… hati” “Slowly… slowly” …the Balinese women say to me with soft careful eyes.

Their words and smiles teach me to see the moment.

To be thoughtful as I climb on my scooter or head out to dive.

Life is lived in the moment.

Our spirit is set free as the mind relaxes

and we begin simply seeing where we are.

Right.  Now.

Each day we will practice yoga to open our bodies, meditate for our inner listening, and make offering from our hearts to feel beauty, joy and gratitude. Though it makes me laugh to say it, meditation in Bali is somehow easier.  The seriousness with which we anchor our lives is mysteriously set free as we practice smiling meditation and laughing yoga.  The stillness deeply awakens your mind and heart.  In truth, you won’t be able to stop smiling as you move through your days in the sweet peace of Bali.

Bali is balance.

The first day I arrived, I met my teacher though I didn’t yet know it.  I asked him to help me see Bali and he told me, “Tri Hita Karana.”  Harmony with the people.  Harmony with the mother—the earth.  Harmony with the God.

Though I heard his words, it took me two months of being here to begin to understand a lifetime of practice in the Balinese heart.

Bali is balance—but balance like a dancer, not a scale– in constant movement from the center instead of weighing one thing against another. A life principle for me because life is not one thing.

My discovery of Bali was the discovery of Ease and Laughter.

The indescribable beauty of a thousand greens amidst azure skies and aquamarine oceans, small roads and smaller towns, and temples everywhere…

Discovering Bali is not the idea promised in the West.  Bali is in the beautiful faces.  In the life-giving water.  In the ease of simple living.  In the blooming frangipane.  In the relaxed smiles returned abundantly.  And in the offering to the God, to the Earth who is mother to life, and to all the people of the world.

When you come, you are walking through the doorway. 

Bali will change you in ways that will only tell themselves to you as you and your life change powerfully in the months that follow.

Does this compel you?  Does it grab you and pull you forward towards something you already know – from your gut – is on your horizon?

If the answer is Yes, then you already know you belong here.

I crafted this retreat as a doorway.  When you cross this threshold, you are embarking on a journey only your heart knows.  You let go of figuring it all out with your head, assessing the safety and risk, calculating pros and cons…

And instead, you listen.

Listen deep and hard and clear.  You know that where you want to go next requires a quantum leap from where you are. And all quantum leaps happen when BOTH your feet leave the ground at once. Everything that comes after will reveal your metamorphosis in the months that follow. Make the leap. If you’ve come this far, I’m pretty sure you know this is right for you. Trust that.


We walk through fire because, finally, there is no other path.  And as we walk, all that is old, has lived itself out in us, is burned away.  Heartbreak, transition, change, the future you had lived for and expected is now gone, either painfully or triumphantly… or both.  You have reached the end of the fire, and you are starting new.

This is a paradoxical place.  Your heart is lighter—you’ve learned to let go again and again because there was no other way.  And as you let go, you found that the next step was already there in front of you, and the next.  But you can see no further than that, and planning or trying to plan just doesn’t feel right.  It’s not time yet.  The right intersection of people, ideas, and circumstances that will feel like that deeper purpose, has not fully emerged.  There are pieces though and the sense on the horizon that it is coming.

When you know this, feel this, it is time to come.

Taking the leap halfway around the world to a spiritual paradise and the worship of beauty and nature as the way of living.

The Venues:

You will be enchanted by two locales in Bali…  I want you to know the jungle and rice terraces north of Ubud, and I want you to drink in the sun and sea in the tiny village of Amed extending lazily along the upper Eastern coastline.

I discovered our first little paradise from my scooter as I headed north on the tiny roads out of Ubud.  I took a tiny side road and passed fresh laundry washed in the stream and spread on the clean grasses along the side of the road.  A little further, I saw a driveway ascending steeply out of sight into rice fields.  The sign said Villa JJ and Spa, and as I passed it, I stopped, backed up, and gunned my little Scooby up the steep drive.  Ahead of me lay the Villa JJ and Spa, a gorgeous oasis of gardens and elegant bungalows lovingly nestled amidst silvery green rice fields along the edge of the ever-present Balinese jungle.

The bungalows are tucked away amidst three artful infinity pools with fountains and stone mosaics pathways.  In your room, you will discover your spacious sanctuary within our oasis, with tropical hardwoods, luxurious beds draped in white sheers, high thatched ceilings, gardens in the bathrooms, and open-air showers under the jungle canopy.




I would gather them each day to make my own simple offering to the God.  In my room, I had laid out my saffron pashmina I found in McLeodganj India, my traveling Ganesha (god of prosperity and remover of obstacles), my rose quartz angel of Traveler’s Safety (a gift from a heart-sister), a Balinese offering coin, and the white coral letters  L-O-V-E, I discovered in Amed itself.

My own little temple.

Imagine my surprise to come back to my room one day and discover a small vase of fresh frangipani on my altar.  The next day, more flowers magically appeared and my Ganesha was now nestled into and surrounded by pink and white frangipani blossoms.

Each day some new little offering was added to my temple by Wayan Sueni and Wayan Sana—my angels in Amed.  One of the greatest gifts of the Barong and Amed has been the seven beautiful souls who have helped me, smiled into my eyes, welcomed me, shared Christmas with me, been delighted by my bumbling attempts to speak Bahasa, and solemly bade me hati hati—be careful, Carmell.

And… made offering at my little temple for me.

Acts of love, all.

I want you to meet my Balinese family yourself and find offerings lovingly added to your own temple whether of saffron pashmina and flowers or simply of your heart.

And our meals will be shared together in the open-air dining room with the beautiful thatched roof, teak furnishings and surrounded by exotic bird-of-paradise, colorful freesia and frangipani trees.

The perfect setting for your discovery of Bali, your heart, and the next chapter of your life.

Halfway through our week, we will be taxied from the high rice fields and jungle to the quiet village of Amed and the beaches along the Java Sea.  Here you will find yourself worshiping the Balinese sun from an infinity pool that looks like it drops right off into the ocean.  The Barong boutique bungalows will capture you with their white on white rooms, ultra comfortable beds, and lush tropical gardens.

One of my private joys of Amed and the Barong was walking down the garden paths strewn with fresh frangipani of yellow, pink, white, and orange blown softly from the branches by the ocean breezes each morning and evening. Exquisite.

The Cuisine:

The Balinese culinary experience is legendary. There are a million things you can do with rice, and in Bali, those things are very good. The unique blending of tropical fruits with savory spices, chiles (we’ll keep it milder for you), jungle leaves and herbs I’ve never heard of like Betel leaf… And the light, healthy marriage of fishes, chicken or shrimp with fresh vegetables at each meal will be sure to delight your palate every day with new experiences. Vegetarian or not, you will love the cuisine!


The cuisines of this area of the world have all influenced each other over centuries.


Our chef will be preparing both meals an snacks throughout our week, giving you a wide taste adventure across Bali, further Indonesia, Java, and even some Thai influences.

Every day you can choose from a selection of fresh pressed organic juices that fit your body’s needs. From fresh fruits to serious green drinks. Local kombucha will be available. You will get to taste Jungle Salad made with Urab, fresh toasted coconut and roasted garlic. And many other divine salads.

Our desserts will be a blend of Balinese delicacies, and Western delights such as Chocolate Vulcano cake, raw sea salt chocolates, coconut lime cake, and locally made, award-winning ice creams from coconut milk.

We will have a wide selection of teas from Jasmine to Papaya Leaf, from fresh Ginger Lemon to Green or Black teas. The ardent coffee drinker won’t be disappointed either with excellent coffees straight from Java plantations and Arabica beans.

We welcome your food preferences and dietary restrictions.

The Delights:

We begin our retreat altogether with the Fire Circle. Fire is the beginning because it burns away all that is ready to be transformed and cleans the slate within us. Fire is emptying, and we cannot receive what is new until we have emptied ourselves. Like water, Fire is part of the Balinese life from the beginning with two live volcanos on the island.

In the Trance Dance, fire is used to cleanse those who dance again and again into the coals, and in the Barong Ceremony, those who are taken by the evil spirits grab the fire brands of the priest and beat their bodies, even trying to eat the fire as they are cleansed of the spirits. Through fire, the whole community comes back into balance.

In the Fire Circle of our first peaceful evening, we come together to hold the fire for ourselves and for each other as

each woman cleanses herself and prepares to cross the threshold of her inner change.


There is a unique experience in Bali that I long for you to have… Bali is an island with small roads and tiny villages amidst lush rice terraces, jungle and mountains. By FAR, the best way to feel the freedom and ease of Bali is on your own scooter headed north. Riding leisurely with the breezes through the exotic countryside, you will let go as you never have. And don’t worry—it’s quite easy and safe but you always have the option of going by car too!

This is a true adventure ready and waiting for you!

I will lead you down the winding roads through Balinese rice fields and dense jungle, amidst flowers, sunshine and rain. You will drink in the glorious beauty in the gardens and fountains of the revered Gurung Kawi, descend for purification into the sacred waterfall of Sebatu, and perhaps even seek the revered water priestess for her blessing. We will discover Tirta Ganga, the Water Palace and explore the world of the Java Sea as we snorkel, dive, SUP or wade along the beaches—it’s up to you.

Shopping? You simply cannot miss finding amazing treasures in Ubud only 20 minutes away from our villa. And should you join the scooter adventure heading north, you can simply stop and jump off along the roads in the tiny towns with their special artists and local Balinese crafts ready for you to discover!

No immersion in Bali could be fulfilled without learning the art and beauty of Balinese cooking. We will taste the ingredients, spices and nuances of the heart of Bali itself in dishes such as Nori Goreng, Betel Leaf Salad, & Soto Ayam. And the best part is sharing and eating what we’ve just created!

I want you to release and relax with exquisite Balinese massage. Receiving and deep self care are an art and a practice. We have excellent therapists at Villa JJ to help you let go of your stress and tension and open fully to the balance of Bali herself. You will swim in pools, waterfalls and ocean, relax amidst the paradise gardens, and walk the terraces in the rice fields of Tegalalang.

Culminating our week…

Having danced through the water and the fire, softly singing under your breath the new song of your life, you will come all in white to our full moon ceremony. Joining hands, we will welcome the next adventure before us.

This is just a glimpse to entice all your senses,

and so much more awaits you!

The Bennies:
As you’re discovering freedom in Bali like you’ve never known it – sunlight and laughter, healing and enchanting,– you will also be shifting your life.

What if you…

• Opened the door to your next passionate career?

• Discovered the clarity in your relationship(s) you’ve been seeking for so long?

• Finally explored the true power of your Creative Shadow—those parts we think are somehow bad or unacceptable?

As you let go into the laughing peaceful freedom of Bali, you will unlock what is waiting for you in your life. We explore together and challenge each other to go further. I trust this.

Sharing the most vulnerable moments, our beautiful radical honesty turns the last& page into the new chapter of your life. Open it up, baby!

Let the passion and joy begin pouring through…

I intuitively follow the path you set out for us; we will be diving deeply into:

• Your beloved excuse…

• Why you’ve really come halfway around the world to Bali…

• What continues to recur in your life: what cycle(s) are you playing out again and again?…

• The deepest dream you have that you don’t talk about…

• How your current dating of yourself is going (yes, I mean this. What kind of lover are you with yourself?!)…

• What you fear most deeply, underneath everything…

• What your soul knows about the next 6 months and the next 3 years of your life…

Every time you join us for a retreat, you will take on the next beautiful chapter waiting for you.


That is the way metamorphosis engages.


In the months and year that follow your Bali journey, everything will open up in new ways, things will change that you never imagined, life will move into a deeper congruence inside, and you will begin living new desires in your heart.
Every. Single. Day.

It’s what I learned. What I do now. And it’s what you will embark on with me.



Are you ready? It’s quite a list. . .

• Boutique accommodations single or double occupancy nine nights (price variance)

• Nine delicious breakfasts at our Ubud villa and Amed resort including daily fresh juices and smoothies

• Nine healthy lunches

• Nine culinary dinner experiences

• Light buffet upon arrival, Balinese and fresh healthy snacks throughout

• Seven mornings of yoga, guided meditation and writing to open your creative connection

• Seven mornings of deep-dive transformation sessions + coaching + lots of juicy retreat conversations all week!

• Sarong and Selendang (traditional sash) for our Fire Circle and for entering Balinese temples



• Fire Circle ritual

• Transportation for our day trips, scooter expenses

• All excursion expenses including temple entrance fees, except temple offerings and personal shopping

• Balinese cooking class and Silver jewelry making

• Three Balinese massages

• Full Moon ceremony with dinner, cocktails and dancing

• ALL gratuities for our accommodations, excursions, spa, and special parties

• Your donation ($100 per person) to our local non-profit organization (we have to give back y’all)

• Special parting gift!


What’s Not-Included:

Your round trip airfare from home –  You must arrive into the Denpasar International Airport (DEL) only if you want to be picked up at the airport. You’ll be arriving TBD and departing TBD.

•Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Snorkeling, Diving, SUP

Other non-included items would be souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, laundry, tips for your room staff are appreciated (we recommend $1 – 2 USD per day per person)  and your personal offerings at the temples we will experience. Temple offerings will range from $1 to $3 at each.



•  Uprooting the life that’s dead And traveling without a plan for months or longer

•  Painting or writing as your life’s work now

• Or, learning how to be vulnerable for the first time in your life…

Carmell has encountered most everything. She is unafraid. And she is unrelenting in following her heart.

Carmell does nothing halfway—a common phrase said about her. Her clear intent with these retreats is for you to make that quantum leap in your life that is aching and ready inside you.

Your Life Artist Leader:

Carmell Clark has been coaching for 16 years, discovering how her own life, adventures, challenges, loves and transformations are a mirror of her clients and their journeys. This epiphany has led her to set out on a life of adventure and passion. The result? Continuously upping her game and bursting open new creativity in every area of her life. Travel makes that fast and incredible!

Her philosophy: We never “arrive” in Life. This means you get a dynamic passionate co-conspirator! She deftly knows the difference between the heart and the ego, and lovingly, courageously won’t let you off the hook for owning your truth and desire.

Carmell has uncanny and profound intuition, and the gift of truly seeing people. Her clients say her love and acceptance go deeper than they’ve ever experienced.

Are any of these you?

• Renting an RV and traveling with your children for a year

• Leaving the relationship that your heart tells you isn’t your future

• Not running away from the relationship that’s so real you’re terrified

• Opening that healing center you’ve dreamed of for 10 years

• Leaving the successful business that sucks you dry but that you’re addicted to

• Standing on stage—becoming visible for real finally

• Dealing with the mental or physical illness of loved ones


Registration: Early Bird Pricing!

Register and pay in full, before (TBA) to receive this special early bird pricing!   You can hold your spot now with a non-refundable $500 deposit!*Payment plans are available. Please contact us directly to work out the best plan for you. Must be paid in full 6 weeks prior to trip departure.

Please note: Any cancellation will result in a forfeiture of the $500 USD deposit. Any cancellation received in writing between July 1, 2019 and September 8, 2019 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price. Any cancellation made between: September 9, 2019 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit is refunded in full).

Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.

You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options.

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