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Mentoring Influential Leaders to Generate Positive Change

One-to-One Coaching: 1 Year Program

  • Are you a woman who has built a career, a company, a global tribe…but you know the deeper passion or clarity is missing?  or…
  • Are you a woman who is ready to start that company, build that program, create a tribe, deliver a TEDTalk, or monetize your business–but you’ve been stuck.
  • Do you lack clarity on how you make your contribution in the world–and make good money at it?
  • Are you secretly afraid that what you have is not enough, and you tell yourself you need more education, certification, or experience to be credible?  To put yourself all the way out there? or…
  • Have you come through the fire – a public failure, the loss of the life you had, heartbreak/betrayal, a divorce or a death, financial failure… and now what?

The devastating path is where your power begins as a real leader of extraordinary resilience and influence.

It is also where you build “what” creates financial independence for you – doing what you love.

Having experienced this myself during my two and a half decades of risk-taking, entrepreneurial start-ups, corporate work, and global influencing, I know this process.  I know success. Check out what some of my rockstar clients have experienced!

Business Woman

From the most intimate relationship to the loftiest boardroom, my program is committed to making women more visible–and successful–whatever their sphere of influence.

Your voice can reach the minds and hearts of a wider network as you establish your impact and build financial independence.

It’s not enough to just work through the inner struggles. All the inner work has to have outside accountability. This accountability is what you will build this year, the risks you take, and the financial growth you create. And your relationships.

“We still think of a powerful man as a born leader and a powerful woman as an anomaly.”
~ Margaret Atwood

At the end of our year of working together, you will have:

100% clarity on your vision for your life moving forward–I know this is a BIG promise, and it is absolutely true. Everything else you create will move out of this clarity.
Built, launched, established, published, or grown your own creation and monetized it.
Taken significant risks in your visibility, establishing your power and influence, and getting your voice (vocal/published/video) to a wider audience.
Relationships free of emotional blackmail both professionally and personally


The precise timeline in which each area of work is fulfilled may differ from person to person, depending on what is required at the right time. The entirety of the program will focus intensely on the core work and principles given in the LifeArtist Leader™ Outline, while building the actual vehicles (your business, your program, your career strategy, your book, etc.) through which to use this training in leadership and influence.

The timeline below is a useful guide as to what to expect:
Accountability Sessions
Months 1-3 intensive. Weekly 1 hour high-accountability sessions.
Two - Week Break after Month 3
Break 2 weeks at the end of 90-day intensive. You gotta have a break, play and breathe, process what comes next!
VIP Weekend #1
The next 3 months launches with a VIP weekend. Our first 90 days will be shooting toward this time together. We establish the clarity, vision, and scope of your year.
Business/Relationships Creation or Re-Invention
Months 4-6. This is where we take the groundwork you've laid in the 3-month intensive, have a kick-ass VIP weekend of collaboration, strategy and fun, and then dive into putting it all together in the clear vision for your 1-year Program Goal with milestones and measurements.
Two-Week Break after Month 6
Two-week break a 6 months.
Months 7-9. Shift to meeting every two weeks. Moving into public media or presence such as podcasting, radio/TV interviews, speaking, holding workshops/1-day retreats/events. Continue program or project development. Website/brand presence. Gather exactly what you require to lay the professional foundation for you to put your work out on. Put launch together.
Two-Week Break after Month 9
Break 2 weeks to play and breathe, process and relax!
VIP Weekend #2
We will lunch the last 3 months with our second VIP weekend. These weekend are truly powerful. During this weekend we will pull all the threads together - center and focus into your 1 year vision again. Identify what is remaining. Visualize the next 2-3 years. We will plan your launch or accelerate your strategy, publishing, etc. GET THINGS FINISHED!
Business Strategy
Months 10-12. Head into your final 3 months! Launch party? Business Strategy for the coming 1-2 years. Weave in the next income stream (if applicable). Fine tune program/product. Leadership principles applied in professional and personal relationships.
International Retreat
We will schedule this in for the retreat of your choice, with the timeline that works best for you! You have Belize, Italy, India, and Bali to choose from... so far! (Flights not included. We help with killer deals).
Month 4
Month 4-6
Months 7-9
Months 10-12

LifeArtist Leader™ Program Bonuses

In addition to at least 36 hours of one to one coaching and mentorship outlined in the schedule, and the VIP weekends, the LifeArtist Leader program includes the following:

This program includes joining one of my LifeArtist™ Global Retreats. We will fit you comfortably into my retreat schedule and match your unique focus. Your program cost includes $3500 towards any of my Global Retreats in the year of our program work.

Professionally printed in a custom binder with tab dividers. Full-color and including Calendar & Carmell’s LifeArtist™ Note System that makes you LOVE to return to them over and over because they’re so usable for everything! You’ll feel like they are a treasure.

You can opt to participate in the 60-Day Accelerate Program starting January 18, 2017 for FREE. This group environment is powerful and supportive, and leads to different aha! moments and breakthroughs made possible through the group dynamic. This is a $1497 value.

A Special Bonus if you pay in full at the beginning of your LifeArtist Leader™ program. I will include an extra VIP weekend to launch our work together. Travel and accommodations will be paid by Carmell. All you cover is meals and personal purchases. Contact us to discuss pricing and payment schedules.

LifeArtist Leader™ Results

The women I have worked with on the LifeArtist Leader™ program have taken their businesses into a global market. They have walked away with true clarity on the passion and purpose of their lives. What’s more, they put that passion into a monetized or entrepreneurial strategy and established themselves significantly in it after 12 months.


This program represents a significant and wholly worthwhile investment in yourself in both time and money. To explore this coaching program with me in more detail, let’s schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery-strategy session. If you’re not quite ready to go there yet, use our contact form for your questions.