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On the Crazy-Making Edge of What You Want

| LOCATION: On the sofa bed in the charming southern Paris flat of Morgane et Pierre-Etienne | So. You’re on the verge. You’ve set out to create that massive step
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WARNING: Carmell’s 2015

| LOCATION: Looking down at the Black Sea from 36,000 feet, flying from Indonesia back to U.S. after 3 months away. | VISION. I’ve been staying in Amed. A quiet hardly-touristed
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A Sort of Balinese, Zen-Buddhist, American Thanks-Giving Prayer…

| LOCATION: Relaxing at Menari Coffee on the side of the road amidst rice paddies in Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia | “May you laugh, even with your tears. May you be loved.
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Guilt Kills Gratitude and Self Respect

| LOCATION: My cozy flat in the Lower Avenues, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA | I had an incredible session with a dear client this morning (the eve of Thanksgiving) and
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Hummingirl Jane

| LOCATION: …relocated | I told the universe, “I’m DONE.” And I meant it. I had had an unexpected and painful parting of ways with a new love interest who was
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Meaning of Life

| LOCATION: At the counter in the Kitchen of My Life, asking “What’s for dinner?” | When people talk about answering the question of why they’re here, it always sounds like
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