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Format: Group Coaching Program
Duration: 60 Days
Schedule: Next Start Date: February 5, 2018

Something incredible happens when you start a clock and put your heart and mind towards a single purpose. It’s as if the entire universe unites around your goal. Give yourself a specific, sizeable, somewhat uncomfortable goal, framed with intense action steps, and a short time-frame, and let momentum accelerate you. If that goal is attached to a bigger vision, your achievement creates ripples that produce powerful, unforeseen opportunities in the months and years to come.

Carmell designed this fast-paced group coaching program to feel like your own tribe; to help you experience the remarkable power of 60 days to accelerate your vision. If you feel driven deep inside to create something, or you are already creating and recognize the need for the right mentor, then you now find yourself “in the right place at the right time”.

In this 60 day program Carmell will be your guide as you walk into the next unknown. You know this big thing is coming. But you realize you don’t know how to navigate it and want the right help to maximize the potential that is ready and waiting to explode.

Our format combines independently-driven progress within a circle of powerfully motivated peers doing the same deep, intuitive growth and accountability work. You’ll realize: “I’m not alone. I can do more than I thought possible in 60 days. Women like me see my value!” Together, we create a “60 Day Tribe”.

60 Day Tribe

The program

1. Coaching

12+ hours of coaching spread across 8 weekly, 90-minute calls

2. Training

Training that’s customized to the group energy

3. Network

Access to a network of real women leading forward their lives and their work.

4. Bonus

Lifetime access to Carmell’s private Facebook community of women across the globe.


Your tribe will support you in your vision during the 60 days, and you will learn from each other’s experiences and opportunities. More significantly, these relationships will continue after the 60 days, as the ripple effect of your momentum will create further opportunities for you.

The women who have taken the leap into Accelerate, have, over that year, actually launched themselves into the global arena and onto the online stage in their businesses and non-profits. This, when they lacked clarity and had no initial vision to do any of it. True story.

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