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30 days for Women Leaders to forgive and move up in business and in life.

Format: Self-Guided Program
Duration: 30 Days
Cost: $97
Schedule: Next Start Date: Today!

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

~ Lewis B. Smedes

Let that Sh*$ Go! What if you could wake up and be free from the pain, hurt, and/or guilt? What if you could stop second-guessing your ability to make sound decisions? What if your relationships were based on compassion and radical accountability, rather than on fear and control?

Do these pain points resonate with you?

  • Disappointed/angry at yourself for mistakes, failures or missed opportunities
  • Hurt/resentment in relationships
  • Ashamed of actions from the past
  • Anxiety in decision-making process
  • Fear-based decisions
  • Frustration with direction of career, relationships, vision, etc.

If you find yourself saying “I should already have this figured out!/I should already be ____” then this  self-guided virtual program, one of Carmell’s signature programs, will help you follow your heart to freedom. Freedom from what? The freedom to release anger, hurt, fear, guilt, obligation, shame, regret, blame, unfairness, judgment, resistance…the list goes on.

If you have someone who has hurt you, abused you, rejected you, neglected you, you have to begin by FORGIVING YOURSELF. Forgiving our self is the greatest work we will ever do. From this, we forgive others, we set healthy boundaries for ourselves, we take clear accountable action, we are literally the change we want to make in the world. This freedom allows you to open up to forgiveness, acceptance, letting go, understanding, accountability, consciousness, light, love, compassion, trust, delight, peace, joy…this list goes on too!

Forgiving Yourself Program

Let that sh*$ go!

The 30 day program Includes…

1. Workbook

30 Simple daily actions → 1 per day

2. Videos

Includes 8 additional training/coaching videos

3. Accountability

LifeArtists Global™, a private Facebook group for Life Artists.

4. Bonus

5 meditations (audio files)


When Carmell first began forgiveness meditation, she only thought in a very narrow bandwidth. It was only through daily practice that she began to realize the grand scope of how big, powerful and how far-reaching meditation truly was. Workbook and training include a meditation template for Carmell’s Basic Forgiveness Meditation in 9 Steps. Create your own Custom Forgiveness Meditations, record them to your Smartphone, and make your powerful journey even more special.

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