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1999: Fae. When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

She found me as I was guest teaching a business class at a local college.  A master yoga instructor, healer, trauma touch therapist, renowned artist and art therapy practitioner, she pursued my coming to see her for a session for nine months before I finally did.

I’ve come to realize there was some deeper agreement between us.  She woke me up.  It was upon my work with her, and her subsequent mentoring, that the trajectory of my post-corporate life began to take quick and deliberate shape.  Through her work of teaching me to trust my intuition, to practice consciousness, and to identify and banish old dogmatic beliefs, I came to found my initial coaching practice with surprising success.

Eleven years later, she re-entered my life as I floundered at the loss of my marriage.  And patiently, like some kind of psychic Johnny Appleseed, she reminded me of the seeds I’d planted.

In her magical way she helped me see and understand what my seeds had grown into, and in my fear and loss, to trust my future to the capable guidance of my own soul.

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