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Love. Why I hesitate to talk ‘about’ it, and why it’s the #1 emoji I send ❤️

It’s the cliché.  I can’t do it.  I’m not a “hearts and flowers” kind of person, yet the red heart emoji is the #1 emoji I send.  What’s that about?
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Self Care = Living a Life You LOVE Now

Recently in one of my groups, I asked them to think about and share their “Rules for Loving Myself.”  There were pauses, a few sheepish smiles, a few “Oh sh#@,
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Building Connection, not Conflict in Holiday Gatherings

It’s the classic joke, isn’t it.  The relationship dramas that hit the headlines during holiday gatherings? “There are some things we can change, and some we can’t,” we tell ourselves. 
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“Hati… hati”

| LOCATION: in the garden at my bungalow in Amed, Bali overlooking the Java Sea | “Slowly… slowly.” They tell me this in Bahasa with careful caring eyes as I
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| LOCATION: Lying on a bench in the Starbuck’s in Chiangi Singapore Airport waiting for 7 am | As I prepared to be out of the country again for several
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| LOCATION: My cozy flat in the Lower Avenues, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA | I just got a voice text from my dear client and friend on the road
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