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2009: The end of my 20 year marriage

Though much of this part of my journey is in my book, Life Is Not One Thing, and I will let the story be told there, I will say this:

  • Living through my greatest fear and grief is the most hard-won gift of freedom I have ever received
  • Resilience is only built in the spaces where you do not have it
  • Resurrection:  What do I want to tell you? It sounds great as a chapter title after the fact, but it is agonizingly painful. You have to die before you can resurrect.  The more ashes to rise from, the longer the rising.  And the greater.  
  • We all want freedom… but with an insurance policy.  We both know it doesn’t come that way.  Freedom is living, and living is risk.
  • Learn to respect your shame instead of fearing it, and it will lead you to an unconquerable self-respect.
  • Something in my soul knew this loss would come 10 years before it happened.  What to do with that awareness now directs the work of the rest of my life.

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