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Don't Just Take My Word For It!

Here are a variety of testimonials, mostly from my one to one clients, who were kind enough to share their stories and thoughts on how working with me has impacted their personal and professional lives.


I have been working with Carmell since approximately October of 2014. The amount of transformation and change that happened in my life during that time is tremendous.... She has helped me to navigate huge personal life changes and growth and the business changes that happened alongside them. What I love most about working with Carmell is that I feel like we are partners...that we are collaborating.... she brings up interesting questions.... she asks for profound heart based truth--- she always knows when I can go deeper... and she is always loving....non-judgemental--- and compassionate as she walks with me down deeper into my truth. Sometimes this process has been super intense, however I am so grateful for it, as I deeply love the person I am after going through this. Carmell was willing to travel across the country to do some sessions, retreats and programs for my doTERRA team and the results were amazing..... She now has coached at least 10 of my downline and have helped them in beautiful ways. I get to see first hand the effects, on their growth, confidence and renewed passion for both themselves and their businesses. How incredible to get to watch from the other side..... Thank you for the opportunity my dear ---- I could go on for days......
Dr. Mara Sussman, DC, CACCP, doTERRA Blue Diamond
Dr. Mara Sussman
DC, CACCP, doTERRA Blue Diamond
I have used several types of coaches over the years and I have by far enjoyed and valued my experience with Carmell the best. Her ability to hold me to task with my take aways from each call, while being sensitive enough to where I am at and what my needs are, is a critical component to the success that I have experienced. I have felt that Carmell truly has my best interest at heart and has a way of communicating straight across with me that I have so appreciated. I haven’t found this same quality in anyone else I have worked with. Being a CEO of a company can be overwhelming and my company is very fast paced. My work with Carmell has helped to keep me grounded and helped to do some of the most crucial fundamentals of any business that can so easily get passed over due to the business and fast paced environment that I live in. By far the thing that I have so valued the most with my coaching with Carmell, besides her amazing intellect, is that I know her heart is completely in this with me. She truly wants to see me succeed and to thrive and really believes in me. I am so appreciative of this. There is no other hidden agenda with her, and she is always so genuine and sincere. Bottom line, the coaching I have done with Carmell has been the most valuable and most transformative, tangible work I have done. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Amanda J. Loveland, CEO ModBod, Speaker, and Humanitarian
Amanda J. Loveland
CEO ModBod, Speaker, and Humanitarian
At the weekend retreat a month and a half ago, you helped solidify: NO matter what, I’m going to be someone. I’d always felt it inside, but stopped reaching for it somewhere along the way. There’s a certain purpose I’m supposed to get to--make a difference helping people; teaching people, I don’t know what yet.” But she will.
Heather Simmons Winston
You’re an instigator just by who you are. But you don’t go in and break things. You give people permission to be their best selves. And you don’t let them excuse it anymore.
Wendy Bowers
Wendy Clark Bowers
Founder and CEO
We all have stories...our willingness to contribute, share burdens, offer knowledge and encourage others is the purpose of this life. So from our unintentional meeting neither of us knew the universe had planned for us, the "Your Voice Matters" podcast was created.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Carmell and the powers that be that knew today was an important day for me to show up, overcome my reasons for hesitation, and embrace this new project with all the passion and drive that I have for nurturing community, arts, music, poets, creators and lovers among us.
Susan Woodhouse
Susan Woodhouse
Entrepreneur, CEO
I’ve been navigating my way through some rocky waters with someone on my team and I almost reached out to you a few times about it, but then I knew you already gave me everything I needed to be able to handle it from my heart - and I did!! And then she came back into her heart to - it was really powerful. Despite wanting to rip her head off in moments. 🙂 But I kept trying to connect to “what would Carmell say?” “How would Carmell handle this?” WWCD!!! Hahaha! So the “holding power with women in new ways” is ringing true for me too.

I keep thinking that our “uncomfortable car conversation” is one of the biggest gifts I’ve received this year. It modeled for me and gave me the courage to be so honest and direct coming from love even when it means having someone really pissed at me...temporarily. It feels amazing to trust myself to show up that way. So thank you X 1,000,000 <3<3<3
Kim Owens
Kim Owens
Working with Carmell has been an incredible experience! She is insightful as well as intuitive with her guidance. She walks you through your own growth - professionally, emotionally, and spiritually - at a pace that you are ready for. Carmell will open your eyes to a different perspective to help you to take power of the situation, instead of being a victim of it. There were times that it was hard facing myself, but, in the end, it was the path to grow into a better and brighter version of me. Carmell delivers above and beyond for every session I had with her. If you are an entrepreneur looking to take your business and your growth to the next level, I highly recommend working with Carmell!
Amy Cheng Whittaker
Amy Cheng-Whittaker
Coaching with Carmell is like being held accountable by your soul. She is amazingly intuitive and knew exactly when, where and how intensely to lean in. Her incredible gifts are numerous, however, her ability to be present with you at all moments is off the charts. Carmell is a coach’s coach! As a coach, I needed someone who had been there already, knew what I was experiencing, validated those experiences and then shined some light into the areas that I was stuck in or hiding behind. Carmell is a powerhouse and she reminded me to honor my own power and to get ready for the big game I was always meant to play! If you are ready to be coached, and by ready I mean R.E.A.D.Y., then your only choice is to work with Carmell and get to playing big.
Michelle Blanchette
Michelle Blanchette
Professional Coach, Entrepreneur, Instructor, Yoga teacher
Working with Carmell Clark was a joy and pleasure as she helped me to get clear on my bigger why, my purpose and how to live a life from a place of authenticity, joy and personal accountability. Carmell has this amazing ability to help you pull out the deepest truth about your life, purpose, mission and passion and take action to create the life of your dreams. She is masterful at helping you make sense of your life, rewrite your story in empowering ways and show up as your best self. Working with Carmell helped me to fulfill my life dream of working on humanitarian projects from funding a clinic in Africa, to going to Nepal to help rebuild a school and to help me find more joy in my business. I would highly recommend Carmell as a business and life coach for anyone who is ready to fully dive into their greatness, get fully accountable for their success and find so much joy in the journey.
Corinna Barrus doTERRA Presidential Diamond
Corinna Barrus
doTERRA Presidential Diamond, Humanitarian
I have talked with other life coaches, but most were focused on "to do" techniques. None have looked me searingly in the eyes to guide me to the big picture fulfillment of my life.
Beth Corso
Beth Corso
Carmell, I just wanted to let you know how much you are a part of my life still. I often catch myself thinking too much and then hearing your voice telling me to go into my heart, just trust that I know it will work out, even without the details.
Jennifer Agnew
Sparks NV
Before I began coaching with Carmell, I had the privilege of working in a group setting and experienced her incredible gift of intuition, where she focused in on exactly what we each needed to work on. I had three different experiences and was impressed each time. I knew that when the timing was right for me, that she was the coach I would work with. During the past seven months, during our weekly coaching sessions Carmell did exactly this, always in a kind and extremely compassionate way. We began working on my personal blocks and over time developed and created my new business which is my life's work and what I was put on this earth to share with the world! I am so excited and am preparing for the big launch in the next month! I am incredibly grateful and have thoroughly enjoyed working with Carmell and will continue our coaching together. You are a true gift to me and everyone you touch! I am so incredibly grateful for you and all that you do!
Laurie Brautigam
Laurie Brautigam
Carmell has been working with me for over four years, (I’m a slow learner) so I could write pages and pages explaining in detail the things I’ve learned about myself but I’ll focus on one, maybe two things.

I’ve learned that I have a choice in just about everything I do, and that when I’m accountable to myself, I own my choices. This keeps me from playing the victim game with myself, because I own what I do, and I own how I interact with people I love, and I own how I perform at work and I own how I treat the people who rent from me. I’ve learned from Carmell, that when I’m accountable to myself, I not only respect myself, but additionally everything else seems to take its place on the priority ladder. I don’t feel the compulsion to do things I don’t want to do, because I make the choice to do, or not to do. And because I make the choice, I own it…and now after years of working on me…I own my life and I feel free.
W. B. Springville
Working with Carmell was immediately like having a long time friend sit next to you after a long confusing day/week/month and help you get out of your head, lace up your shoes, brush your hair, and get you back on track.

Carmell pushes you to move. Through the power of focused discussion you will examine what you are, what you want to be and then track how to get there. The process is freeing and all empowering. Few and far between are the people that can challenge and push me at a level that is so deep and encompassing. There is no way I would have grown as quickly as I have today without Carmell.
Erin Bradt
Erin Bradt
Human Product Designer
Thank you for believing in me! You’re just so damn clear AND you’re smart, smart, smart! Thank you for your wisdom. xo Lauren Goodrich
Lauren Goodrich

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