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Notes From the Road

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The Case of the Self-Doubting Diva

At a training I gave years ago, our ‘self-doubting diva’ had passionately shared her dream of starting a wellness retreat center for women.  But she was very stuck then.  She
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Even Oprah would say Purpose isn’t an Oprah-thing

“To invent your own life’s meaning is not easy, but it’s still allowed, and I think you’ll be happier for the trouble.” ― Bill Watterson Purpose.  It’s talked about like
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A Dream Without Feet: bringing it to life

So how do we dream?  What does “dreaming our own dreams” ask of us? “It’s simple,” I said.  “You decide to love your aliveness more than your feeling of safety
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Do your dreams still know where you live? Can they find you?

Sitting at the Padaria Reis Magos taking my tiny coffee in the brilliant August sun… staring out at that ocean the color of dark lapis and sparkling aquamarine— shot through
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My Pandemic Truths: part 1

I had an interesting conversation today with one of my clients.  I was talking with her about navigating the challenge between having deep intimate relationships and living an independent life.
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Only Rembrandt can paint Rembrandt…

I stopped. I knew what I was looking at. But you wouldn’t understand how my eyes locked and held. 35 inches pupil to pupil. It seemed a respectable distance. Yet
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