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“Hati… hati”

| LOCATION: in the garden at my bungalow in Amed, Bali overlooking the Java Sea | “Slowly… slowly.” They tell me this in Bahasa with careful caring eyes as I
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| LOCATION: Lying on a bench in the Starbuck’s in Chiangi Singapore Airport waiting for 7 am | As I prepared to be out of the country again for several
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| LOCATION: My cozy flat in the Lower Avenues, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA | I just got a voice text from my dear client and friend on the road
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A Year That Answered

| LOCATION: Alive and happy on the corner of 3rd and N Street | Six years ago. Moments like this saved my life. It’s a simple picture with the biggest
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Kindness Never Runs Late

| LOCATION: Sitting in utter relief waiting for United Flight 632 at? | Arrived just in time at JFK, looking for the United terminal… There is no United terminal at
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The Truth of Who We Are

| LOCATION: Nashville Airport staring out at the most beautiful Southern sky | I’m sitting in the airport in Nashville having just completed an intense 3-week rollercoaster of business failures
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