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Executive Coaching

With more than two decades experience as a transformational coach, I am very clear that we our answers–our deep self-assurance on which we make our best decisions–live inside of us.

Our solutions, however, are best approached synergistically.  This clarifies a core pillar of my executive coaching.  I have had clients who wanted to me tell them what to do and clients who hardly wanted my input at all as they used our coaching to validate their own ideas.

Strangely, I have been in both positions myself.  This is why I know that finding that sweet spot consists of supporting my client’s sovereign process while at the same time challenging them through ideas to reach for their greater possibilities.


Vision is everything.  As my second mentor, Stan, used to tell me, “If you’re not solid in your vision, then that’s where you have to stop and focus.”

It’s surprising how far so many of us get in our careers without having a clear vision for our next 5, 10 and 20 years.  Or we have a vision but it’s based on external expectations and ego motives, lacking in true purpose and inner fulfillment.

This is why I’ve often found that I can’t even approach vision with many clients until we’ve done the personal housekeeping work to clear out emotional blackmail, residual trauma (you’d be surprised), and defeating paradigms.

With any housekeeping caught up, my clients have been shocked to find how straightforward it is to create a professional and personal vision wholly aligned to their core self–something that had eluded them for years.
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Some people come to trust-based influence naturally, while for others it’s like learning a foreign language.

Within my executive coaching work, I am always conscious of building the foundations of trust-based influence as leadership.  The more my clients have come to trust themselves where they were holding back, the more successfully they’ve represented in management groups as well as in leading their teams.

Real trust work is deep and personal, vulnerable and empowering.  I focus with my clients on recognizing and understanding their many validation patterns, as well as practicing with them to vet their motives.  Cleaner clearer motives lead to radically different results with organizational relationships at all levels.

The relationships of influence that result from this trust work are recognizably different from most of what is around.  People thrive under this type of leadership, and consequently so does the organization.

This is the most powerful personal tool a leader has to establish healthy culture in their area of the organization. For CEOs, this form of influence as leadership can shift the entire company as so many examples have shown.


This subject is what I call a pop-corporate topic.  It sounds so grand and important, and everyone wants to have a piece of this conversation.

In the work of transformational influence, legacy is a natural byproduct of all the other parts including:
  • vision,
  • strategy,
  • influence through trust,
  • taking the right risks and recovering from the wrong ones,
  • managing change,
  • building a strong healthy culture,
  • and of course sustainable profit and growth.

I treat legacy as a sense that grows within us as we come to know ourselves better over time, and develop the areas I’ve listed.  Out of these threads, a personal legacy becomes increasingly clear.

Differently from vision which we build and drive toward, legacy emerges. As I work with my clients to connect to their legacy, the key elements are almost always already there for us to see.  What follows is more intuitive process and less strategy in order to gain the shape of their legacy and bring it into clarity.

Far from an empire that bolsters the ego, the legacy my clients come to realize is powerful, generative toward people and the planet, and deeply inwardly exciting and fulfilling.  As true legacy should be 😉

What do you think?

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Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of [our] external influence extends to infinite distance.

~  Nikola Tesla


I work with my clients in the following ways:

3-Month Intensive

We meet weekly over 12 weeks to focus on one significant goal or area.  This is also often a lead-in to longer term coaching work for many of my clients.  Sessions are approximately 1 hour over zoom, unless we are in the same city at times.  I am somewhat flexible to the schedule pushing beyond the 12 weeks as needed.  Fee is paid at the start, or can be split into two payments.

6-Month or 1-Year Plan

We meet usually weekly, one hour over zoom.  Our focus is both your immediate goals and needs as well as your long-term vision, strategy, and personal fulfillment.  I offer direct support to many clients in their implementation of certain parts of their vision, when working with me ongoingly.  Billing is auto-processed monthly according to our agreement timeline.

Open Coaching

Depending upon the person and the circumstance, I will offer “Open” sessions.  This is almost exclusively for those who have worked with me in my 3-month Intensive or my 6-Month or 1-Year plans.  Having already done considerable work together, open sessions are profoundly productive and facilitate what was already put into action.

I will very occasionally do open sessions with a new client I have not done previous in-depth coaching with.  This is at my discretion.

VIP Weekends

My VIP Weekends work fantastically either at the start of our coaching as well as at key times during work together.  The in-person setting opens up numerous opportunities for real conversation, breakthroughs on challenges, and powerful connection to vision and purpose.  So much can be accomplished in such a short amount of time when we leave our routine and travel to a wonderful destination, with the intention of letting down and opening new potentials at the same time.

  • 2 or 3-Day Destination Weekend
  • Deep Transformational Work
  • Breakthroughs
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Gourmet Healthy Meals
  • Fun & Adventure!


This program represents a significant and wholly worthwhile investment in yourself in both time and money. To explore this coaching program with me in more detail, let’s schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery-strategy session. If you’re not quite ready to go there yet, use our contact form for your questions.