A Dream Without Feet: bringing it to life

So how do we dream?  What does “dreaming our own dreams” ask of us?

“It’s simple,” I said.  “You decide to love your aliveness more than your feeling of safety – Dreams enter in at this tiny powerful opening.  And then you have the task to follow one and hold onto it–no matter what.”

But there is a bit more of a method, I would say–more to *becoming dream-fertile,* and more to answering the call of a dream once it enters inside of us.

First.  We must have a heart wide open and expressing this unique desire that has entered into us–into our hearts.  This is the beginning of every dream ever conceived.

Some dreams are stronger than others.  The ones that are the most insistent and compelling?– I will tell you, these are the ones you MUST do because whatever soul we may have is speaking clearly to us in a dream so forceful.

Then.  We must be willing to take the risks.  The reason it’s a dream is because it is beyond our current reality.  And so, in order to bring it into living breathing reality, we must step off the edge of what keeps us comfortable.   We ‘engage’ our dream when we show we are willing to risk for it.

And finally.  We must hold the dream clear and true inside of us even when everything we see and experience would say our dream is impossible, too far away to ever happen.  This is almost always the most difficult part.  The place where we lose the thread of our dream amongst the practical realities of our every-day.  

Or it is where we hold on so tightly that it breaks our heart that the dream is not there.  Then we fight with ourselves to let go of our dream because it hurts so much.

But the gift of our dreams does not promise a timeline or a clear directed path to their fulfillment.  And so we lose ourselves, and we let go of our dreams, and we get lost and silently fight our own inconsequence creeping in.

Or we fight for our dreams against entropy and against the reality we see.

A dream lives above the ground.  Within us, it floats and dances and teases us with its tantalizing possibilities.  It gifts us temporary wings to move ourselves above the treetops of our everyday neighborhoods and routines.  We can see for miles with a single dream.  We can see the curve of the earth and the stars in the next galaxy and even, what the future might hold for us… 

But all dreams are waiting for legs, and for feet.  This is where you and I must not be complacent.  We can’t afford to ignore the dreams that come to us.  They hold our living life inside of a single inspiration.  The legs and feet of the dream are us.  We are the tether of every great cosmic idea to earth.  The ‘means’ of its possibility made real.

And if your dream does not come from your heart, but rather from your head or from the accomplishments of others you see around you?  Then it is not really a dream, but rather more of a goal.  So treat your goals as goals, and treat your dreams as the proper delicate miracles that have found you–and only you–in all the world.

I believe in my dreams.  I believe in your dreams too.  It is the very same as believing in you.

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